What we offer

  • Group 119@2x Pro-bono consulting services from a specialised team of experienced professionals
  • Group 120@2x An impact-driven strategy specific to your goals
  • Group 121@2x A program that builds and strengthens core capacities to overcome challenges
  • Group 122@2x Management of the end-to-end experience of team selection and strategy for each project
  • Group 119@2x A wide range of functional expertise

How it works


Scoping Workshop



If you are an organisation working in the development sector, here’s how you can apply-

  • Group 119@2x Get in touch with us to know how we can help your organisation
  • Group 120@2x Register and complete partner onboarding formalities
  • Group 121@2x Work with us to define a problem statement and create a scope of work for the project
  • Group 122@2x We will select volunteer consultants from our network to create a specialized team that matches the project requirements
  • Get in touch with us to know how we can help your organisation

Our Clients

We have worked with partners across different social issues such as livelihood creation, mental health, environment, education, child rights among others.

Frequently asked questions

  • Our services involve complete program management/support of 3-month engagements with experienced and passionate volunteer consultants (VCs). We take care of VC
    recruitment, allocation, experience design and quality assurance throughout the course of the engagement.
  • We don’t volunteer our services one-off or for a short period of time. We will work with you over a course of 12 weeks to develop core organizational capacities.
  • A registered organization working in the realm of social impact in India
  • Established for a minimum of 1 year
  • Has a headcount of no less than 3 and no more than 50 employees
  • Has a mission statement aligned to at least one of the following sectors; namely, Education, Skilling & Livelihood, Housing, Agriculture, Financial Inclusion, Sustainability, Nutrition &
    Healthcare, Mental Health, Water & Sanitation, Inclusion & Diversity

If your organization works in the development sector but does not fall into any of the categories listed, please get in touch with us and we can have a discussion to understand how we can work together

CFH Client Partners gain access to vetted and passionate professionals to solve specific problem statements at NO cost – and much more.

The success of Consult For Humanity is based on the foundations of partnership and mutual collaboration for growth and sustainable impact. In that context, the CFH experience and subsequent engagement outcomes are dependent on the involvement, commitment and enthusiasm of Client Partners. Without the fulfilment of some basic expectations (elucidated below), CFH is under no obligation to extend the duration of a project or guarantee the achievement of pre-discussed target deliverables.

  • In-depth clarity of problem statement, project scope and expected strategic support fom the VCs (while this may alter slightly during the course of the project, it is only in the case of unforeseen circumstances)
  • Time commitment of ~60-minute calls per week with the CFH VCs for data/insights sharing, progress updates, etc.
  • Availability (on WhatsApp/email) and open communication by the Client POC
  • Support in providing relevant organizational data/insights, related to the problem statement, as requested by the VCs
  • Timely and transparent provision of feedback and logistical support (ex: signature on VC certificates, client testimonials etc), when requested by the CFH Team
  • A Client person-of-contact (POC) will be the go-to person from your team for our CFH Team and Volunteer Consultants to engage with throughout the course of the engagement.
  • While the project usually involves participation from 4 people from your team, depending on the scope, the Client POC will be expected to front all essential communication and
    weekly check-ins with the VCs for the duration of the project.
  • The Client POC is nominated by you.

We work on a pro-bono basis and do not charge our clients any fees for our services.

  • Our application criteria for VCs is that they have 1+ years of work experience in the corporate/development sector experience (exclusive of internships), display a genuine
    passion for social change and are critical thinkers and team players.
  • We follow a comprehensive 3-step vetting process before hiring VCs that involves a registration form, case study round and video interview with our team before onboarding.
  • The project allocation process is done keeping in mind the requirements of each Client Partner/Project to ensure you are matched with the best fit.

Each project team consists of 4 consultants.

While the staple team size is 4 consultants, we can provide you with a larger team if the scope requires it. This will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

We have provided end-to-end strategy support across the fields of Marketing and Communications, Financial Resource Management, Go-To-Market Strategy, Programme Design and Management, Monitoring and Evaluation, Talent Solutions (People & Culture), and Systems Design.

We ensure that most of our volunteer consultants are comfortable communicating in both Hindi and English, so we will allocate VCs to your project accordingly.