What we offer

  • Put in only 7 hours/week to shape the future of organisations that address some of the most pressing issues in our country today
  • Opportunity to utilise your critical thinking and closely problem solve across organisational functions
  • Access to 3 specially curated masterclasses that will help you in your professional journey
  • Immerse yourself with a like-minded cohort and build a network for a lifetime
  • Assess your impact at the end of every project through a structured evaluation exercise

How it works



Onboard & Training

Project Delivery

Review & Impact Assesment

If you are a professional with one year of experience or more, here’s how you can apply-

  • Share your contact details so that we can get in touch
  • Fill in a form to tell us about your background, work experience, and interests
  • If your profile meets our requirement we will contact you to inform you about the next steps
  • Group 119@2x Fill in a form to tell us about your background, work experience, and interests
  • Group 120@2x Three rounds: Registration form, Case study & Personal interview
  • Group 121@2x If your profile meets our requirement we will get in touch with you

OUr volunteer consultants

Our Volunteer Consultants come from renowned organisations & institutions across the world.

Frequently asked questions

You will not simply volunteer, but work as a consultant and partner with our clients in a professional capacity. Your work will be based on your training and experience, as well as the interest areas you mention in the application.

Yes, you need to have at least 1 year of full-time work experience post undergraduation (exclusive of internships) to be eligible.

The cohort runs for an average of 12 weeks (3 months). In some cases, where required, on mutual agreement, a project can be extended by 1 to 2 weeks.

CFH is a pro-bono initiative where the VC will receive a certificate of completion from CFH and their client partner, at the end of the project.

Our case study round will require candidated to solve case studies from the development sector, of diverse functional areas. The purpose is to test the candidate’s problemsolving skills, innovative thinking and presentation capabilities.

No, the entire cohort and all activities related to it will be virtual.

Yes, we provide all VCs the opportunity to continue with CFH as a VC or CFH team member. The applications are considered based on the motivation and performance of the VC.

  • CFH will provide project management support through the allocation of a Point of Contact (POC) for every project that will act as a bridge between the project and CFH. The
    POC will help with setting client expectations, delivery timelines etc.
  • CFH also supports the VCs through specially curated L&D sessions in the development and consulting sector to help the VCs improve their knowledge base for the project and in

The VC is expected to work an average of 7 hours/ week (including weekends), join weekly calls and provide regular updates and feedback related to the project to CFH. 

We work on a pro-bono basis and do not charge our client partners or VCs any fees for our services.

No, it is not mandatory for you to be experienced in the space. The most important aspect we look for in a VC is their willingness to contribute to social causes.

Each project team consists of 4 consultants.

A VC is expected to be proficient in speaking English and Hindi

We have a 3-step recruitment process – registration, case study round and personal interview.

Yes, all VCs who successfully complete the project are provided a certificate from CFH and the client partner they worked with.

All projects will start in the first week of April and continue for 3 months.

A VC has to work on only 1 project in a cohort. (1 project would mean engagement with 1 client partner).