What we offer

  • Put in only 7 hours/week to shape the future of organisations that address some of the most pressing issues in our country today
  • Opportunity to utilise your critical thinking and closely problem solve across organisational functions
  • Access to 3 specially curated masterclasses that will help you in your professional journey
  • Immerse yourself with a like-minded cohort and build a network for a lifetime
  • Assess your impact at the end of every project through a structured evaluation exercise

How it works



Onboard & Training

Project Delivery

Review & Impact Assesment

If you are a professional with one year of experience or more, here’s how you can apply-

  • Share your contact details so that we can get in touch
  • Fill in a form to tell us about your background, work experience, and interests
  • If your profile meets our requirement we will contact you to inform you about the next steps
  • Group 119@2x Fill in a form to tell us about your background, work experience, and interests
  • Group 120@2x Three rounds: Registration form, Case study & Personal interview
  • Group 121@2x If your profile meets our requirement we will get in touch with you

OUr volunteer consultants

Our Volunteer Consultants come from renowned organisations & institutions across the world.

Frequently asked questions

You will not simply volunteer, but work as a consultant and partner with our clients in a professional capacity. Your work will be based on your training and experience, as well as the interest areas you mention in the application.

We’re looking for professionals with a minimum of 12 months of work experience and a passion to change the world for the better. We accept consultants from a range of different fields, including but not limited to strategy, finance, marketing, operations, human resources, and design. 

We ask consultants to commit a minimum of 7 hours per week to their projects to ensure that both the consultant and the organisation are able to make the most out of the experience.

We will provide consultants with a certificate of completion once the project has been successfully completed.